Voices of the People


People from South Korea and North Korea who have escaped to South Korea were asked to express in written their viewpoints about the sociopolitical condition between the two countries. The answers of the participants were handed to performers who translated the messages in motion.


The performers meet for the first time in a live performance on a platform, which is set right next to the central river of the city, a physical limit that separates the city in the northern and southern part. They communicate the messages to each other and towards the audience. Four musicians accompany the ‘ritual’ using traditional Korean musical instruments (Samul-nori), played in an experimental manner. The audience is invited to express their opinions through megaphones and messages by North Korean people are being read. The performers embody instantaneously the messages they hear. The performance aimed to open a dialogue for the sociopolitical condition in which the different viewpoints could be heard and possibly clash.



Hongeun Seoul Art Space

Performance duration: 50 min

Video duration: 14:30 min