Etherovatis Traveler


‘Etherovatis Traveler’ is a travel agency that installs ideal outdoor places of Greece inside peoples’ homes. The company promises to take the viewer into an artificial landscape future and ‘live the myth of Greece’.


The room is transformed into a beach maintaining concurrently a domestic sense with little features of household items. Objects and goods of the company are at the disposal of the vacationers. A light blue color sustains a relaxing ambience. A TV monitor shows a calm beach of Peloponnesus, a location heard for its beauty Southwest in Greece. The staff of the company serves refreshments. A performance follows: Two employees sit on the chairs and stare nonchalantly at the screening. They seem attached to this virtual pleasure. They make repeated use of the remote control and vacant looks are exchanged between them. An ambiguous sense of existence begins to take place. They stand up and face the public. They aim the public with the remote control and press repeatedly the buttons. The travel agent interrupts the performance as something went wrong. He thanks the audience for their time and attendance, and invites them to prefer the company for their home-vacations.


TAF | ATHENS | 2010

Rooms to let

Performance duration: 2 days

Video duration: 1.54 min


Performers: Paris Legakis, Isavella Oikonomopoulou

Travel agent: Ioannis Tzaneteas