Baengnyeong Island is the closest place to the Northern Limit Line (NLL), the sea border that separates North and South Korea. In the past 14 years, the waters around Baengnyeong have been the focal point of more military clashes between the two Koreas than any other part of the peninsula. Many sailors have died and numerous North Korean defectors have crossed the border to escape economic and political conditions in their homeland. The performance lasts 12 minutes representing the 12 nautical miles that separate Baengnyeong Island in South Korea from North Korean shore.


Deep breathing implies a deep meditation. Strong light fills the room from the back window. The hands unfold towards the two opposing walls of the room. The gesture symbolizes the two parts of Korea, the South and the North. The breathing becomes heavier. The performer seams to disappear into the strong light that comes from the background. The hands move slowly to the center of the chest. The movement indicates one middle point, implying Baengnyeong Island that has been in the middle of the conflict.



Performance duration: 12 min

Video duration: 12 min